**** Very Sick Company ****

First rule of very sick company; never talk about book club.

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This is not a company, it’s a non-profit collective bringing technologists of varying disciplines together to share contacts, leads and jobs to form useful partnerships on a project by project basis. more...

Our very sick company



Finding yourself in a boardroom full of executives pushing data buzz-words around the table like a pack of dung beetles can be confusing.  MattData can help you figure it out.  Our expertise extends from Hadoop to NoSQL to Python.


Matt Hughes

Besides being so good looking, Matt has a long history in IT, from developer, to Product Manager, and back to developer.  If he says he knows something it's probably true that he can scramble to figure it out.


Mant Monster

We've committed to Python so we deliver Python.  As of late Django has become our tool for quick, sensible and reusable web applications.